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Is Love Marriage Allowed in Islam?

Islam is unquestionably a religion based on nature. It recognizes that marriage is something that every sane individual needs. Islam realizes the necessity to find shelter, food and clothing; and consequently permits Muslims to work hard for their own earnings. Islam appreciates that every person, man or woman, needs a happy Muslim family/marriage. In precisely the exact same manner, our faith identifies the human necessity to get married and have a family; consequently Islam permits rather orders Muslims to get married. Marriage is indeed an essential social institution as it lays down the basis of a healthy and constructive community.

But is it allowed for Muslims to select their spouses by themselves? Are they allowed to have a feeling of love for someone and later get married to him? This truly is a tricky question and is probably amongst the most often asked questions by Muslim youth.

First of all, we must realize that in Islam, you will find certain boundaries that predominate naturally communicating between females and males.

Allah orders Muslim people to “lower their gaze” in Order to promote chastity from the society. The identical way, Allah has ordered Muslim girls to cover themselves when they move out.

happy muslim family

Think for a while: If we were truly acting upon these Fundamentals of Allah, was there any opportunity for people to intermingle and hence, like every other? The sort of love union, which is a standard nowadays, is based on meetings, parties, exchange of messages, social networking, and telephone calls. This type of relationship before marriage is, by no means, permissible in Islam.

Islam provides both people with the right to reveal their consent for marrying somebody. Islam even gives rights to the wife and the husband after getting married. But it certainly doesn’t signify Allah’s permission to date and court a girl.

But, we have to look at our society and the age we’re going through. Co-education right from the start of one’s schooling till university degree, combined purposes, free correspondence with one another, the idea of “being friends”, no idea of the importance of hijab, and availability of telephones and personal computers has completely altered the morals and integrity of Muslim society. We can definitely see a huge and profound effect of western media in their lives; after metal singers and rappers, becoming inspired by celebrities, and idealizing teenaged musicians are several widespread traits.

Keeping the aforementioned things in our minds, we can very well understand that it will not be surprising to learn such young Muslims falling in love with one another. Here, I’d argue that parents have a massive part in shaping up what comes next.

Respected Parents: If your children like someone and desire to get married, kindly don’t overreact. Do not tell them that they need to receive a degree yet and need to stabilize their lives first. Please get your notions straight and go through Allah’s rules regarding union once more. He’s ordered His followers to get their children married when they become adults. Be thankful to Allah that your children aren’t getting involved in illegitimate relationships and have rather come to you for support. Very best way to take care of the matter is to get them married to whom they like. Anyhow, this doesn’t imply that you must have them married even if you find flaws in their decision, or the reason of the selection. You have all of the right to your kids being their parents.

Though there is no concept in Islam for this kind of love union since Allah has strict rules of Hijab and segregated get-togethers. However, in the present age parents need to listen to their children’ need of being married to the person of their choice; but only after considerable scrutiny.

In the long run, I want to suggest something to parents. When Allah has told us that girls/boys are perfectly prepared to get married; it means that they actually are! They may still be children in your eyes; you may feel that they act childish generally; but remember that Allah knows better than you do. Puberty brings all the organic wants and drives together which, if there isn’t any legal way, compels young children to involve illegal relationships and dishonest acts.

Therefore, kindly think what you are doing to your children for not getting them married in the age Allah has prescribed for them. When you’ll have them married at that age, there’ll be no room for any illegal/Haram act. Please, protect yourselves and your children from the vices that are the result of late marriages.

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Approaches To Improve Computer Security

What Is A Keygen?

A Keygen (key generator) is a system program that makes a program licensing key, for example a serial key, essential to set off for use of a program application. The Software Crack Patch Keygen might be legally distributed by program makers for licensing program in commercial settings where program has been licensed in volume for a whole enterprise or site, or they might be distributed unlawfully in conditions of patent violation or program piracy.

Unlawful key generators are usually distributed by program crackers in the warez demoscene and scene. Such Keygens frequently play chiptunes in the background recognized as the Keygen music and boast creative user interfaces.

Computer Security:

System Security is a bough of technology recognized as information security as functional to PCs. Information security denotes securing information and info systems from unofficial access, use, revelation, modification, disruption, or destruction. The point of system security differs and can take in protection of information from corruption or theft, or the conservation of accessibility, as classified in the security plan.

Managerial and technological courses applied to PCs to guarantee the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of information managed by your PC system. As a matter of fact, the system security imposes necessities on systems that are diverse from most computer system requirements because they frequently take the shape of restraints on what systems are not supposed to carry out.

Typical Approaches To Improving System Security:

The following are a few approaches to improving the system security:

  • Physically limit access to the ones to the systems who will not compromise on the security.
  • Hardware devices that impose rules on system software, thus evading relying on system programs for the system security.
  • In addition, the OS devices that impose rules on software to steer clear of trusting system programs.
  • Programming tactics to make the system programs reliable and resist subversion.

Different Layers Of The System Security:

Basically the system security has the following Layers:

  • Phreaking
  • Hacking, and


As a matter of fact, to crack the phone network the Phreaking process is used.


Hacking is the unofficial attempts or use to bypass or circumvent the security systems of a network or an information system.

System hacking always engrosses some degree of violation on the seclusion of the others or harms to system-based assets for example the webpages, files, or programs. The impact of the system hacking differs from just being simply invasive and maddening to unlawful.


As a matter of fact, the cracking is the act of contravention into a PC system. The program cracking is the amendment of program to take away protection techniques: duplicate prevention, demo/trial version, hardware key, serial number, CD check or program annoyances like adware and nag screens.

The most general program crack is the alteration of an application’s binary to prevent or cause a particular key branch in the software’s execution. A lot of people use Software Crack Patch Keygen for the cracking purpose.

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Here’s What I Know About Red Dots on Skin

Whispered Red Dots on Skin Secrets
In keeping the skin young and healthful adhering to a skin regimen will also go a ways.
Treatment will probably be determined by the cause. It is not required till the bulge gets painful.
In weather that is dry and chilly, your skin gets more moisture which then can cause you to
acquire susceptible to skin conditions is lost by the inclination. Natural home remedies to
eliminate clogged pores When it isn’t overly sensitive, you may be able to use the advantages of
citrus fruit acid. Keeping the skin moisturized would be the treatment for the two babies and
grownups. It’s the largest organ of the human body that protects the inner organs from several
infectious agents. In comparison to facial acne, leg acne is uncommon. Leg pimples is normally
not a large issue and a lot of folks have a description tendency.

What Is So Fascinating About Red Dots on Skin?
The aggravation will trigger little itchy blisters that are red in shaving’s website. Red rashes
could show up on unique areas of the body because of an allergic reaction or the thighs.
Certainly, the rash is the symptom. Skin rashes are restricted to a specific disorder or medical
condition. It is crucial to work out the type of skin rash you is currently suffering from. Ordinarily,
itchy skin rash seems to be mild. It’s quite like a sunburn.
Red Dots on Skin at a Glance

In any case, in the event the lumps aren’t currently showing any type of recovery, then it’s critical
that you go to get a investigation. Skin bumps can be localized to a specific body part ( such as
the back or chest ) or might spread across the body. Itchy skin lumps can likewise be caused as
a result of rosacea. Itchy skin bumps are incredibly annoying, annoying and distracting as
everybody probably knows. These bumps on the skin that don’t result in any itching aren’t
dangerous, and instances disappear by themselves.All About Red Dots on Skin
Originally, grayish-white stains (Koplik’s spots) appear in the mouth, though a day or two later
red spots start to look on the epidermis Black spots can similarly be due as a result of
hyperpigmentation. Red spots that show up on the face may get an association with various
ailments. Usually, spots that are reddish that are such subside in a couple of days
independently. In the event you discover spots on your thighs which do not appear to fade away
in a couple of days, make certain you go to a dermatologist. read this post Causes and Treatment of Pain in Sternum

In the event the stains are small and fresh your medical care provider might advise you to elect
for particular home treatments. So, there is not anything to fret about Fordyce’s areas because
they are harmless and do not lead to any pain. Make sure that you do not scratch or select the
spots. Red spots on skin is a normal symptom to skin ailments. The tiny blood spots under skin
is able to look scary, but might be on account of a cause that is senile. Whenever you have an
obvious glass table top, only use crystal bumpers.

Get the Scoop on Red Dots on Skin Before You’re Too Late
The expression of rash is dependent upon the response of the human body into the chemicals.
It’s possible it will bleed and will create the skin look seem bad. A lot of people would remove
them since they have a tendency to upset the expression of the epidermis.
The status is harmless but the spots are looking. It’s important to know this state of the tongue is
chronic, but benign. It’s impossible to fix this condition. Everybody suffers from some sort of skin
condition one time in the span of their life. The main reason for your skin condition is cloudy.
Skin conditions could set you at a danger of producing rashes. It’s a chronic skin condition that
has little.

The condition disappears by itself. Frequently, you might find this condition affecting the
reduction lip. It’s a condition connected with severe itching.
If does not affect one portion of the human body might be found almost any place in the blood.
When it’s been discovered in the liver it’s not proven to cause any difficulties. It’s important to
recognize skin cancer. Skin cancer is among the most frequent types of cancer on the market.
Though the precise reason behind the disease has not been ascertained doctors feel a hyperlink
is to gluten intolerance. There are a couple of systemic diseases that may bring about sores on
tongue. A very contagious skin disease from bacteria is impetigo.

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Choose The Best Sump Pumps To Keep Your House Dry

As a matter of fact, the houses are built in a way that could keep us dry. But sometimes the ground water damages the foundation of the house and causes problems for us. The area where your house is, matters a lot. If you are living in the flooded area, then your house basement and the crawlspaces can be the victim of water damages. So you should choose the best sump pump that could help you to get rid of the water at narrow spaces. In this article, we will discuss the Guide To Choose Sump Pump.

 sump pump


The basement of the house is the place where the water can gather. When water stays for a long time at a place, it damages the foundation of the house. So whenever you build or buy a house then make sure that the water does not gather in the basement. But if water gathers on the crawl spaces of the basement then it is necessary to have a good sump pump system. The sump pump system pumps out the water that starts collecting in the basement. Following are points you should keep in mind while buying a sump pump:

    • Before buying the new sump pump first note the diameter of your sump basin.
    • Then note the diameter of the existing discharge pump.
    • If you want to get the extra horsepower, then buy the next level sump pump.
    • If you are planning to replace the sump pump, then it would be better to buy the same size and type of the sump pump.

Following are the features of a sump pump:


As we have discussed earlier that a sump pump is necessary to drain water from the crawlspaces of the basement of a house. Otherwise, the water can damage the foundation of the building. So buy a sump pump that has the enough power to pump the excess water.

Dual Power System:

If you live in the area where floods are expected then you should buy a sump pump that has both the automatic and battery system. If the electric power is not available then the battery system works even in the extreme conditions.

Head Pressure:

When the sump pump starts working it pushes the water from the ground to a specific height. So whenever you have to buy the sump pump first you should identify the head pressure of the sump pump.


Whenever you buy a machine the first thing that comes to your mind is the machine durable. The best sump pump is one that is made of the quality material and does not get rusted. A good sump pump comes with the warranty so make sure that the sump pump you are going to buy has a warranty. So check Our Top Rated Best Sump Pumps With Quality Reviews.

Where there is the constant flooding, automatic sensor switch pump is used as it gives the best outcome.

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The Best Gaming Mouse: Types Of Gaming Mice

This is the age of computer and technology, and you do not know even a person who does not use the computer. We all use the computer for many purposes. We use it to get information about anything, communicate with others and for entertainment. Some people have the craze of playing games. They love to spend most of their time in playing games such as grand theft auto, counter strike, and many others. If they are using a regular mouse for playing games, then it is your duty to tell them they should buy a gaming mouse. So let’s take a look at the types of gaming mice and choose the Best Gaming Mouse for you.

The Types of Gaming Mice:

As a matter of fact, the mouse is one of the most important input devices.  Though there are many mice available in the market and every company claims that their mouse is the best but you have to choose the right one. The mouse that is comfortable in moving and clicking is the best mouse. So for the game lovers, it is necessary to buy the right kind of gaming mouse. First, you should know what type of games you play then you would be able to find the perfect mouse. Following are the types of mice available in the market:

  • All Purpose Mouse:

If you are a game lover and want to enjoy playing every type of game, then the all-purpose mouse is the best choice for you. This is the mouse that comes in all shapes and sizes. By using this mouse, you can play FPS action games to the MMO games. You can play any game using this versatile mouse.

  • MMO Mouse:

If you are the one who loves to play the massive games like star wars and Warcraft etc. then the MMO mouse is for you. This mouse has many buttons that make it easy for you to fire, run, rotate or hit while playing games.  The best part is that is let you assign the alternate button maps. You can access these buttons just using your fingers. So playing adventures games is not difficult using MMO mouse.

  • FPS Mouse:

You are the huge fan of the games like counter strike and find it quite difficult to play with the regular mouse. Then the FPS mouse is the right choice for you. It is the mouse that has a sniper button too. The FPS mouse makes it easy to target and shot the enemy. This is the best for the games in which you have to use the gun.

  • RTS Mouse:

The RTS mouse is for the games in which you have to use the real time strategy. You would definitely enjoy playing the Starcraft 2 using the RTS mouse. There are many mice in the market so chose the one that fits your needs. You should choose the Best Gaming Mouse to prevent the wrist or finger pain etc.

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Good Friday 2017 Practices in Canada

Every Year Good Friday is celebrated in Canada with great importance. The sacrifices of Jesus Christ are remembered by offering special prayers and services in churches. The Good Friday 2017 lies on Friday, 14th of April. The special practices of this day are here.

Statutory Holiday

In Canada, Good Friday is observed as a special event and is announced as a statutory holiday for all. In the state of Quebec, it is witnessed as not the holiday because of certain reasons. As this is the long weekend because of the presence of Easter Sunday on the following Sunday, people make special plans with their friends and family.

Preparations by people

It is often observed that crosses, paintings, and Statues are held by most people. The individuals who do not attend the church services in normal routine, they also attend these special services in the memory of Christ Crucifixion. Hot Cross buns are baked especially on this Day.

Religious Practices

This is the day of silent prayers and mourning. People also normally do fasting. There are also some of the plays that are prepared by adults and children and they depict the sacrifices and events of that day in a beautiful manner. People clean their homes neatly to remove all the dirt from the past and take a new start.

Symbols on this day

The symbols most commonly used for the representation of the events conducted on this day are the crosses and different objects showing the figure of Christ. The signs of respect are shown by removing all kinds of shiny things and flowers from the homes. Dull colors such as black are most commonly observed on this day.

Usual routine

Due to the announcement of a public holiday, the schools, businesses, and offices remain closed on this day. There is a restricted time table which is issued for the opening of stores and transport. Some of the areas also experience the complete restriction of public transport.

By following all these activities Good Friday 2017 is celebrated every Year in an exceptional and respectful manner by the Canadians.


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Custom Packaging Boxes

Boxes are the main need of all things which are related in any business. Packaging boxes are used for products safety and giving them a proper look. If products are pack in a complete box with fully manner it give expensive look but if you don’t take interest in this point your product loss its own beauty. These boxes are available in all custom sizes, shapes and style. We make different boxes like apparel boxes, bakery boxes, biscuit boxes, cake boxes, candle boxes, candy boxes, and cosmetic boxes, die cut boxes, display boxes, food boxes, jewelry boxes, soap boxes, window boxes, toy boxes, gable boxes and many others. We give free shipping service in our package. We use high quality material in our boxes even quality wise we give 100% guarantee and our customers are satisfied.

Printing is the powerful point in box which can increase your sell because after printing in box it give attractive look. We have qualified team for printing process they print our boxes by using different printing techniques like screen printing, digital printing, flexography printing, preprinting and one color direct printing in reasonable prices. Our boxes are not too much expensive we sell them in affordable prices. Our experienced team choose decent designs for printing process they use soft touch colors in printing process 4/1, 4/2, 4/3 and 4/4 colors are also use in printing. We do full color CMYK/PMS in printing process. We give some more options in our boxes which are golden foiling, silver foiling, embossing, ink raised and die cut.

We add company logo in box company logo is basically company brand name. This name can increase your popularity in people and this is helpful in increasing your selling point in market. We print logo in box in different styles.

We also give small tag line space in box in this space we tell about some basic information and introduction about you and your work and more info visit here

We cover our boxes with different lamination sheet lamination paper give attractive and shiny look in box. It’s a box protector it protect box from different effect which can harmful for box. We apply different lamination paper for this purpose like gloss, matte and aqueous coating in box.

For more sparkle and shiny look we do UV coating in box but remember this coating is optional we do this in according to customer’s choices. This coating give extra shining and sparkle look in box.

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