Is Love Marriage Allowed in Islam?

Written on September 7, 2017   By   in Default

Islam is unquestionably a religion based on nature. It recognizes that marriage is something that every sane individual needs. Islam realizes the necessity to find shelter, food and clothing; and consequently permits Muslims to work hard for their own earnings. Islam appreciates that every person, man or woman, needs a happy Muslim family/marriage. In precisely the exact same manner, our faith identifies the human necessity to get married and have a family; consequently Islam permits rather orders Muslims to get married. Marriage is indeed an essential social institution as it lays down the basis of a healthy and constructive community.

But is it allowed for Muslims to select their spouses by themselves? Are they allowed to have a feeling of love for someone and later get married to him? This truly is a tricky question and is probably amongst the most often asked questions by Muslim youth.

First of all, we must realize that in Islam, you will find certain boundaries that predominate naturally communicating between females and males.

Allah orders Muslim people to “lower their gaze” in Order to promote chastity from the society. The identical way, Allah has ordered Muslim girls to cover themselves when they move out.

happy muslim family

Think for a while: If we were truly acting upon these Fundamentals of Allah, was there any opportunity for people to intermingle and hence, like every other? The sort of love union, which is a standard nowadays, is based on meetings, parties, exchange of messages, social networking, and telephone calls. This type of relationship before marriage is, by no means, permissible in Islam.

Islam provides both people with the right to reveal their consent for marrying somebody. Islam even gives rights to the wife and the husband after getting married. But it certainly doesn’t signify Allah’s permission to date and court a girl.

But, we have to look at our society and the age we’re going through. Co-education right from the start of one’s schooling till university degree, combined purposes, free correspondence with one another, the idea of “being friends”, no idea of the importance of hijab, and availability of telephones and personal computers has completely altered the morals and integrity of Muslim society. We can definitely see a huge and profound effect of western media in their lives; after metal singers and rappers, becoming inspired by celebrities, and idealizing teenaged musicians are several widespread traits.

Keeping the aforementioned things in our minds, we can very well understand that it will not be surprising to learn such young Muslims falling in love with one another. Here, I’d argue that parents have a massive part in shaping up what comes next.

Respected Parents: If your children like someone and desire to get married, kindly don’t overreact. Do not tell them that they need to receive a degree yet and need to stabilize their lives first. Please get your notions straight and go through Allah’s rules regarding union once more. He’s ordered His followers to get their children married when they become adults. Be thankful to Allah that your children aren’t getting involved in illegitimate relationships and have rather come to you for support. Very best way to take care of the matter is to get them married to whom they like. Anyhow, this doesn’t imply that you must have them married even if you find flaws in their decision, or the reason of the selection. You have all of the right to your kids being their parents.

Though there is no concept in Islam for this kind of love union since Allah has strict rules of Hijab and segregated get-togethers. However, in the present age parents need to listen to their children’ need of being married to the person of their choice; but only after considerable scrutiny.

In the long run, I want to suggest something to parents. When Allah has told us that girls/boys are perfectly prepared to get married; it means that they actually are! They may still be children in your eyes; you may feel that they act childish generally; but remember that Allah knows better than you do. Puberty brings all the organic wants and drives together which, if there isn’t any legal way, compels young children to involve illegal relationships and dishonest acts.

Therefore, kindly think what you are doing to your children for not getting them married in the age Allah has prescribed for them. When you’ll have them married at that age, there’ll be no room for any illegal/Haram act. Please, protect yourselves and your children from the vices that are the result of late marriages.