A Study on Plagiarism – Its Causes

Written on August 21, 2017   By   in Internet

Plagiarism is an activity that is considered as an academic dishonesty. It occurs when a person makes use of an idea generated by another person, commonly from his or her paper, without acknowledging that person. This is an activity not tolerated on the world of the academe and the internet. That is why academic institutions impose strict policies against plagiarism and also the internet where search engines heavily those who post duplicate contents. Now, you may be wondering why do people commit plagiarism? To gain an understanding of this matter, then continue reading below. In addition, this article will also introduce you to the plagiarism tool which is a tool that can be used to prevent and fight plagiarism.

The primary causes of plagiarism are the following:

  1. The student or blogger is not aware of the various punishments that they can receive when they commit plagiarism.
  2. A student may commit plagiarism in order to meet a tight deadline.
  3. A student commits plagiarism because of procrastination. He or she only does the assigned written paper a day before the deadline and gets surprised upon knowing how long the paper should be thereby resorting to copying the works of other people just to have something that can be passed to his or her teacher.
  4. The student is very competitive that he or she wants to pass an expertly written paper thereby copying written works from profession authors that may come from either books or the internet.
  5. Plagiarism may occur due to lack of concept about plagiarism, specifically not knowing what it is and some of its examples. Simply put it, lack of education about plagiarism.
  6. Plagiarism may occur due to an accident, like not knowing that the student is already committing plagiarism or that he or she fails to do proper citations, quotations, or references.
  7. The student or blogger commits plagiarism intentionally but does so in a fashion that interweaves different sources of information.

Those are the causes of plagiarism. Now if you are a student or blogger guilty of doing this activity, then you should stop now or else you will be heavily punished. You may also just be a normal blogger or student who wants to prevent plagiarism as much as possible. Either way, you now know that plagiarism is an activity that should be combatted at all times. To make your work a lot easier, you can use the plagiarism tool which is a tool that can help you prevent plagiarism. To use this tool, click on that link to take you to the website that provides the tool. There you will see a field where you can paste the work that you want to get checked for plagiarism. After clicking the button for the plagiarism check, the results will be flashed on the screen. There, you can determine if your paper is sufficiently original.