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UTorrent is the torrent movies search engine which is widely used around the world by torrent users.  As no matter which torrent site they prefer, they can use uTorrent to download the torrent files. Or open magnet links and download the files. UTorrent is a BitTorrent client itself but is doing so well that people don’t even know it is technically a part of BitTorrent. And not its direct competitor in the torrent download market.

UTorrent has been present on the market since September, 18, 2005. LudvigStrigeus originally developed it, but later the code was passed on to BitTorrent. It joined the vast list of BitTorrent clients on 7th, December 2006, and since that day its code has been owned by BitTorrent.

UTorrent added magnet URL’s to its list of improvements in August 2009 and since that day it has improved with every new update on the market.  BitTorrent just bought put its competition. As soon as they saw danger from their competitors and they currently owe the field.  UTorrent, in short, is a facilitator for the users of torrent sites. It helps them download their data with various options which include:

  • The users are free from viruses and malware uses to their computer systems.  UTorrent movies search engine scans the files before the download begins to make sure that the file does not risk being run over by viruses.
  • The user can choose the location of the file where he wants to keep the file in his system.  It is not downloaded off into random places on the user’s computer.
  • If the user has more than one torrents up and running. And he wants one to complete before the other one then, he can limit the speed of one torrent which would.  In turn, result in the completion of one file before the other.
  • UTorrent has an integrated search bar via which the users can search for any file they want to.
  • The search bar integrated into the torrent app is an excellent option. The users don’t have to go to other search engines first to look for torrent sites and then switch to uTorrent for downloading of the file they wanted.
  • This is one masterstroke played by the developers of the app. However, this ensures more traffic on the app which in turn develops into more profits for the app developers.
  • It ensures ease of access to the users as the users doesn’t have to look for the torrent files. But instead, they could directly search from the app and gain access to the file.
  • UTorrent movies search engine is a step towards ease to the users. It is in a phase of development for the users ensuring them there is more to come out of this technologically advancing world.  With the passage of time, it will keep on getting better and better for the users.  The component of ease will increase with every passing day.

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