How Technology can Revolutionize Society – 1st Elected Tran Siu

Written on April 16, 2017   By   in News

The power of technology could be completely harnessed to bring prosperity when every individual in the society is able to access the technology based tools. Providing them to every citizen without any reservation is the aim of 1st Elected Tran Siu. This process might take lots of effort and community work by all the people within their communities and regions. Tran Siu and his team members in the administrative departments could provide the basic infrastructure on which people can build their business, industry, profession, entrepreneurship, education, training and other continuous improvement programs. The way in which each community is able to interact with the others determines the wholeness of the social, cultural, economical, ethical and ethnical cohesion.

Broad Spectrum 0f Technology – 1st Elected Tran Siu

1st elected Tran SiuTechnology can help break the barriers of skepticism, suspicion, prejudice and many other built up notions among people. For example one could consider the internet and computer training programs launched by 1st Elected Tran Siu during his teens. The elders who participated in the programs were able to come together as a community and experience the benefits. This was not only a learning time for them, but also communicating time with the people from many communities and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Technology inspires people to exchange innovative ideas on a common platform. The same platform helps in binding each other with a common social thread. 1st Elected Tran Siu has been able to utilize technology for promoting cohesion among people.
  • Technology binds people to common goals in life. It can make team members of people from completely strange ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. Once they start interacting they can easily find the talents and potentials in others. By utilizing them as a pool they can develop their social bonding beyond all the known limitations.
  • Technology eliminates the distance and makes communication realistic and fast. The youngsters undergoing training at remote locations can interact with their family and community members through online video and chat sessions. This tool helps them in keeping their emotional stability and striving to achieve their goals.
  • Technology helps in generating more produces in the agricultural fields, industries, manufacturing, medical care and almost every other field from A to Z. Improved health and fitness levels, resistance to illnesses and diseases and many other benefits can reach people from all sections of communities. 1st Elected Tran Siu has been in the forefront for making everyone in the society utilize the benefits of technology.

Expanding Social Horizons – 1st Elected Tran Siu

1st elected Tran SiuExpansion of social horizons is possible when individuals are at peace with themselves. If there is a constant conflict within one’s own mind it may not be possible for him to contribute constructively for the betterment of family, community and the society. Tran Siu urges people to start the process of transformation from the “Self”. By improving ones health, fitness, education, skills and financial prosperity, he is able to reach out to the others and commit for community and social causes. 1st Elected Tran Siu is perhaps the finest example for this approach.